Campus Involvement

Phi Mu's at the University of Houston have been actively involved all around campus. We are highly involved in the Greek community as well as the other 400+ organizations that are here at the University of Houston. Phi Mu strives to be the difference that makes the difference! Many Phi Mu's are involved in multiple organizations.

Phi Mu's are involved in organizations such as Student Housing and Residential Life, Bauer, PES, Residence Hall Association, Cougar Movers, Student Program Board, GeoSociety, Metropolitan Volunteering Program, Student Progamming Board, and many more!

One of our sisters, Dania Kurd, has the Public Relations position in an on-campus organization- Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine (SJP for short). Jordyn Babla, our current PR chiarman, is also a Cub Camp Counselor - helping incoming freshman adjust to life at a university. 

Along with being actively involved at the University of Houston, there are many leadership opportunities available within Phi Mu. We have our executive committee, junior executive committees, as well as various positions you can hold throughout the semesters, such as being in charge of a philanthropy week or help plan a sisterhood event.

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