Family Involvement

At Phi Mu, our families are always involved. We have various events through the semester where our families are encouraged to go. The earliest time our family sees what we do is at the Pinning Ceremony, where everyone is welcome to come out and support our beautiful new Phi Class! 

We also host awesome events through the year such as Parent's Day, Mom's Day, and also Dad's Day! At the beginning of the Fall semester, we hosted our first Parent's day of the year where we invited our parents over to our house where we ate food and decorated pumpkins for Halloween! During Mom's Day this year, everyone sat down with their moms, ate cute little sandwiches, and decorated flower pots! At the end, we got to pick out what flower seeds we wanted to go in our pots and take them home with us. For our Dad's Day, our sister Jocelyn's dad barbecued burgers for the rest of us and our dads! After we ate, we spent time bonding with one another, took polaroid pictures, and made frames to put them in! Our Parent Days are always so much fun because we not only get to spend time with sisters, but also meet their amazing parents as well!

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