Being part of a sorority teaches you many important lessons, but being a Phi Mu teaches you how to be a leader, mentor, shoulder to lean on, but most importantly a better you. We take part in many sisterhood bonding activities through out the year. Sisterhood retreats, family dinner, and exploring Houston are just a few to name. We strive to be better women when our time as collegiate members ends. It isn't for four years, its for life.

This past school year, we've had two sisterhood retreats, one in the fall and one in the spring.

During the Fall semester, we had our retreat at our house then went to the roller rink where we dressed straight out of the 80's and bonded, shared stories, played games, and created everlasting memories. We also had a sisterhood event in the Spring at The Space HTX near downtown where we ate pizza and macaroons, and played more games and activities to create an even stronger sisterhood. 






2019 Sisterhood Moments: 

This year we had a Galentine's Day where we spent time with our sisters! There was tons of food, activities, and lots of love! 



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